Printing in Full Color and Use Multiple Materials

Enjoy Printing in Full Color and Use Multiple Materials

Not many of us are aware that HP has solutions to print on many different type of print media. And the latest technological development is the 3D printer. They have the ability to print in full color and also make use of multiple materials. The new launch include 3D printers such as Jet Fusion 300 and Jet Fusion 500. They are mainly used in large organizations and may cost somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000. You can now enjoy printing in full color and use multiple materials

Technology used and its applications

These 3D printers make use of the VOXEL technology that help print objects in full color. This is a patent work of HP and hence we cannot see it from any other brand in the near future. Besides, such printers have a wide range of application varying from hospitals to manufacturing industries.

  • Hospitals can print models of organs and other body parts to treat patients more efficiently
  • Likewise, industries can print 3D models of their prototypes before manufacturing

Materials used

  • HP has setup a partnership with SolidWorks that allow these Jet Fusion printers to use multiple materials.
  • The future may however see such printers producing real life objects created using a wide variety of materials.

Some tips for your printer cartridge

Like all other printers, these too run out of ink and have the hassle of replacements. However, before doing a replacement, make sure that the cartridges are completely empty. You don’t want to go around wasting some precious printer ink do you?  To check if your cartridges can be revived, we would advise you to perform a test print. What the test print does is, print a few lines or a specific image and will ask you to check is you are clearly able to see all colors. In case, if one or many of the colors are missing in the test print, it is an indication that the particular color cartridge is empty or near empty.

Make sure that you purchase only genuine and original HP cartridges from the manufacturer themselves. This way your printer will have a longer life. Are you someone who prints quite often and feel that these original replacements are too expensive? Then you can opt for ink refills instead. What is an ink refill? Making use of the original cartridge but filling it with ink once again is what is commonly referred to as a refill. The results may not be as good as the original though.

To know more on how to Enjoy printing in full color and use multiple materials, visit our website dial the toll-free +1-800-542-2352 number provided

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